Letter of Transmittal assignment

Letter of Transmittal


TO:                  Michele Mason (title)

FROM:            Lenora Grice  (title)

DATE:                        March 8, 2015

SUBJECT:      Recommendation Report

Dear Ms. Mason:

This report provides recommendations on how to stay pro-active in maintaining retention with employees(this was not the assignment. The purpose for the assignment is to provide recommendations to prevent workplace violence– rewrite this thesis statement to reflect the purpose).  When it comes to employees, there are many personalities and emotions you must adhered to in reaction of different situations. Employers play different roles such as counselor, disciplinarian, and delegates; so it can be achallenge understanding how to adapt and respond appropriately in accordance to negativeor violent reactions. Employees also have needs to remain informative and happy in order to provide great service for their workplace and clientele; hence creating documentation with necessary information. (last part of this sentence is unclear).

This report will analyze creative ways to protect the employees of Access Mortgage and Access Mortgage as an organization. This report will giveprovide or offerrecommendations on guidance and training, how managers can mitigate violent behaviors, and planning prevention programs; amongst others. It’s important to stay pro-active and exhaust every effort into protecting employees and the business morale.

This report is also credited to the assistance of Access Mortgage and our HR Department, along with my extensive research. For further details, you can contact me anytime at your inconvenience.

Lenora Grice

Recommendation Report

Pro-Active Retention: Employee Assistance Programs

& Violence Prevention Policy


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Lenora Grice



This is an introduction to recommend ways to implement employee assistance and violence prevention programs/training in order to maintain employee retention.







LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL                                                                                              2

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                                                                   4

PROBLEM                                                                                                                             5

BACKGROUND                                                                                                                   5

BODY                                                                                                                                    6

CONCLUSIONS                                                                                                                   10

RECOMMENDATIONS                                                                                                       11

REFERENCES                                                                                                                      12














Abstract / Executive Summary

This report has beenwritten to (tense issue)willassist Access Mortgage Company with implementing programs that will assist themwith minimizing(tense issue) to prevent or minimizeworkplace violence. It has come to the attention of the company there are policies and programs overlooked in response to negative respondents due to negative feedback. The questions are how can this (what is this? Be specific) be doneaccomplishedwhile ensuring employee safety and maintaining productivity. Access Mortgage Company was built on a foundation of protecting ones assets and values so it’s vital to mirror that with policy, procedures, and training that will work for the strength of employee retention.

As a company with many employees there are greater liabilities so having a steady grounds are necessary. Statistics have shown that 16% of all assaults in the United States occur in the workplace (Kirk, D. J.,& Franklin, G. M. 2003). Due to these astonishing numbers it will be a priority for Access Mortgage Company to adopt and establish a program that will pre-screen employees, train personnel to identify potential problems, and knowledge of responding to those potential problems. (**APA format uses only author(s) last name & year of publication for in-text citation)

It is recommended that safety and legal precautions be taken from OSHA Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA). Training and employee assistance programs will be implemented with step by step instructions. It will (tense issue) isalso be recommended that all the while this study is in the worksprocess, surveys are takenadministeredto see where employee morale lies. All of these important aspects will help Access Mortgage Company grow while protecting what they represent and who represent them.









There are many challenges when in management, one being it my job to protect the employees and Company at all cost; so establishing policy and procedures are vital. My ideal results are to establish strong programs, training, and policies that will assist Access Mortgage Company in protecting them and our employees by maintaining retention and great morale. Let’s discuss:

  • What Can Managers Do to Mitigate Violent Employee Behaviors? (why are the first letter of all the words capitalized?)
  • What are the strategies we can use to implement an action plan for creating a violence prevention program/employee assistance program?
  • How can we retain employee morale while disciplining and protecting employees at the same time?



It was requested bymy Senior Vice President, Michelle Mason, requestedthat I create a report in whichto analyzeanalyses situations and alsomakeproviderecommendations to prevent potential workplace violence incidents. After a review of performances evaluations she wanted to counsel or discipline some employees for negative performance and promote others for outstanding work.  SVP, Michelle Mason has concerns that these personnel decisions may cause stress and effect employee morale. We,Human Resources and I, have pulled together are guidelines based on internal and external research that prepares and educates both employers and employees on how and why having a set policies and procedures are important.

The external research derived from great sources such as OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health. This source discusses which details are of significance that should be added to the employees’ handbook and safety training programs and a staff review of the company workplace violence policy. There are of course external Scholarly Journal sources from ProQuest, amongst others.The internal research obtained from the HR Department is in regards to surveys employees have taken in reference to their safety at work and whether or not they are comfortable in their environment.

The goal of this report is to find key ways to prevent workplace violence while retaining employee morale. In order to be successful in this one must study know what employees require to be content and what also sets fire to them. Understanding statistics, how and why it’s important to counsel is also key. Employees must remain productive so when that evaluation time comes around whether it is a negative or a positive there must be a way to keep that afloat.




The key to retaining employees, besides other things is having structure within an organization. Structure contains policies and procedures that draw lines, protect employees and employers, and put an understanding in place that everyone has to abide by. In business you must remain pro-active meaning prevention must beat the forefront and staying ten steps ahead in doing so.According to a Workplace Violence Research Institute report issued in 2001, 16,400 violent threats are made at work, 723 workers are attacked, and 43,800 workers are harassed each day. Another report from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health estimates that an average of 20 workers are murdered and 18,000 assaulted while at work each week (Kirk, D. J.,& Franklin, G. M.2003).*** You need a statement that introduces the visual aid



          There are many employees who feel they are doing great jobs but in turn management will beg to differ. The key to keeping employees knowledgeable and happy is informing them what they need to improve in order to be better as an employee. Workplace Violence normally stems from reactions toward something management has done or what another employee has done. That’s when it’s important that training and providing signed standards are essential. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued guidelines to attempt to make workplaces safe.  Some of these guidelines include measures such as having alarm systems, cell phones, metal detectors, and employee “safe” rooms as well as training staff in recognizing and dealing with hostile and potentially violent behavior (Kirk, D. J., & Franklin, G. M. 2003).

            It’s (what is “it”?)deeper than people think;this is why building your own employee assistance and training programs are key. Managers must take workplace violence issues seriously, even if it has not become physical. Understanding who takes part in these altercations can shape mitigating strategies (Nierle, D. 2013). The importance of preventing negative orviolent reaction with the employees is thatManagers should foster organizational cultures that valueopenness, are receptive to new ideas, and treat employeeswith dignity and respect. Such environments may triggerfewer incidents of violent employee behavior than thosethat are more aggressive, contentious, or intolerant (Nierle, D. 2013):  (why is the font different in this paragraph?)


The strategies that organizations can use to try to reduce the incidence of workplace violence are heavily dependent on who the perpetrators of that violence are. Researchers have typically grouped those perpetrators into four different categories:

1. individuals who enter the workplace for the sole purpose of committing a crime, namely criminals

2. customers, clients, or any other individual to whom the organization provides services

3. current or former employees

4. individuals who do not work for the organization but who have a personal relationship with an employee, for example, an employee’s abusive intimate partner.

(Nierle, D. 2013).*** This entire paragraph is paraphrased – you need some of your own thoughts as to why the information is significant


Businesses must develop zero-tolerance policy which should include how to handle a potential situation. It is necessary to have employees sign this (what is “this”?) to assure they understand what it means. Another important thing (NEVER use the word “thing” in business writing; it’s too vague) is the hiring process, this (again – what is “this”)meaning criminal background and/or credit checks; conducting screening for applicants so that you can get the personal touch (unclear)with the employee, this (how many times are you going to use “this” in one single sentence?) helps you evaluate all aspects of the potential employee; managers should be trained to look for potential problems, this is the pro-active retention.  These (“these” what?)are just a few ways to remain pro-active and avoid potential employees who may cause workplace violence.


          The best approach to handle workplace violence situations is to be proactive. Let employees know that your company is supportive. Have persons on staff available to provide confidential advice and information on local resources for victims (Kirk, D. J., & Franklin, G. M. 2003). Employee Assistance Programs should be available to employees as it’s a great way to assist one with coping with any stress from work or personal problems. According to the Small Business site, chron.com. Setting up an EAP includes drafting and implementing a policy, and choosing an EAP model to proceed within that preserves employee privacy and confidentiality (Chron.com. n.d.).



Step 1

Assemble a team or committee including members of human resources to decide on an operational model for the employee assistance program. The team/committee must decide whether to implement an internal EAP, where basic assistance is provided by a designated department within the organization, or an external EAP where an independent coordinator is contracted to direct employees to the specific professional services needed.

Step 2

Draft an EAP policy to explain the program. According to the Employment Law Information Network’s Human Resources Guidebook, an EAP policy should include statements that speak to the following: what the business hopes to accomplish by offering an EAP; a step-by-step procedure describing how employees go about accessing EAP services; an explanation of how the business intends to preserve employee privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Step 3

Hire the professionals needed to provide EAP services in-house if the internal EAP model is chosen. If an independent model is chosen, interview various EAP coordinators and contract with the one determined to best fit the needs and culture of the organization.

Step 4

Publish the policy within the organization and publicize the implementation of the program via internal newsletters, the business’s internal website and any other means of communication that reaches employees in every sector of the organization. List the various services available through the program and stress that confidentiality is assured.

Step 5

Set aside appointment times within the human resources department to speak individually with employees about their questions and to refer these individuals to the program so they may make any necessary appointments with specialists and begin accessing services.
(Chron.com. n.d.).

          Access Mortgage Company is dealing with challenges as it meets evaluations, which is a time when one’s performance is judged and when employees compare themselves. During these evaluations managers must take on “leadership” roles to leverage the reactions. Encourage employees that although they may not have the best results it doesn’t mean that improvement is nonexistent. They must understand why and what actions lead to such negative evaluations. They must understand the reason evaluations are done is for growth and the betterment of them as not only employees but as individuals as well.

            One of the important aspects of implementing programs/training programs is understand the employees and where their reactions and/or how the negative evolution could have stem from. Workplace violence takes many forms and has many causes. Angered former employees, customers who feel wronged, stressed out employees or a conflict between co-workers can elevate to the point of a violent altercation in the office. Personal life does spill over into the workplace, and sometimes those personal issues present themselves at the office with dangerous consequences. Companies that recognize the potential for workplace violence are in the best position to prevent it. (Francis, K.A. n.d).

            It’s important to counsel and update employees prior to evaluations; find out how they feel they are doing and what can be done to improve if need be. If there are also ways they could receive incentives for good work, improvements etc. Employees also need training, so they understand the standards of Access Mortgage Company, what policies and procedures they need to uphold in order to create success for themselves and the company.

Management should implement prevention training and counsel on leadership and how to educate one on workplace violence prevention. In addition to regular safety training programs and a staff review of the company workplace violence policy, encourage employees to attend classes in personal safety. Company-sponsored classes should also be considered for at-risk workers. These classes can help employees recognize potentially violent situations so that they can avoid them or, if necessary, diffuse them. Encourage workers to let supervisors know immediately about actual or potentially abusive or violent behavior. (El, B. n.d)

            Prevention of workplace violence contains empowerment and happiness on the job. Employees need to be comfortable and happy as it reflects their behaviors. Personal stress along with work stress is not the best combination; this puts the individuals and individuals work at risk.Another great way to do this is to build tight security personnel, which will protect the business as a whole and place the employee in a more comfortable position. “10 Steps Ahead” Employee Assistance/Training Programs will go a long way if implemented as discussed.




Overall, management must understand that it is extremely important that business owners and managers hold the knowledge and expertise to combat violence in the workplace. As mentioned, businesses must take proactive approaches. The first step is the development of a zero-tolerance policy that comes from upper management. In addition, managers should be trained in and held accountable for dealing with potentially violent situations caused by co-workers, customers, or others. Employees should also be trained to spot problems and how to report concerns. More importantly, employers should know how to avoid hiring potentially violent individuals, thus never bringing them into their workplaces. Ultimately,Employers must work to ensure that their work environments are protected from internal and external acts of violence.

            With the external and internal research for Access Mortgage I have found that companies need to have all their ducks in a row in order to keep structure in top notch shape. Employees remain happy when there is a lack of stress, encouragement which entails great leadership, and are well trained/informed. Policies and Procedures of Access Mortgage Company must fall in line with its value and continue to be pro-active in all aspects of its business; specifically to this report workplace violence.







          In order for Access Mortgage Company to implement these policy and procedures while maintaining excellent employee morale, they can:

·         Develop and communicate policy to employees and management that violence is never acceptable

·         Development and implementation of violence policies and procedures

·         Manager education

·         Security/police response/policies and education

·         Security/police plan

·         Implement procedures for dealing with violent events

·         Create procedure for investigating physical threats

·         Create procedure for reviewing violent event

·         Counsel/educate/empower employees in reference to their jobs


Along with this we must assure communication is alive and well. Understanding that to maintain employee morale, employees need structure, training, and programs that support them in doing well. I would also recommend there be an implantation programs with annual or quarterly employee surveys in reference to how managers are doing. It’s important for those who are the leaders to understand what they must do in order to keep the employees happy, this is probably the best step in synchronizing the positive mentalities that directly bring forth the positive reactions.











Accessing Safety. (2008). Developing workplace domestic violence policies.

Retrieved from http://www.accessingsafety.org

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guidelines assistance programs. (2010).

Retrieved from http://www.eapassn.org/files/public/EAPASTANDARDS10.pdf

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research to plan a violence prevention program for emergency departments. Journal of Emergency Nursing. doi:10.1016/j.jen.2009.09.013

Mallow, D. (2011). How do you set up an employee assistance program?

Retrieved from http://www.houstonchronicle.com

Kirk, D. J., & Franklin, G. M. (2003). Violence in the workplace: Guidance and training advice

for business owners and managers. Business and Society Review. doi:10.1046/j.0045-3609.2003.00177.x

Middlemiss, S. (2011). Follow the yellow brick road: Munchkins Restaurant Ltd v. Karmazyn,

liability of employers for long-term harassment. International Journal of Discrimination and the Law11(3), 140-149.

Nierle, D. (2013). What can managers do to mitigate violent employee behaviors? Public

 Manager42(1), 61-64.

Retrieved from Proquest database.

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