Primavera in Project Management on Requirements

Divya week 3 – I need a context diagram for the attached topic
I have attached the topic which I had worked on week 2 and I need to create a context diagram for the same. Please see the attached document for the topic.I just need the context diagram and instructions are below


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Primavera in Project Management on Requirements
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Primavera in Project Management: Requirements


Student’s name: Sai Divya Kolakaluri

College Affiliation: Ottawa University

Date: November 1, 2020




Project management is ever becoming complex primarily due to companies moving towards managing many different projects at the same time and general globalization of companies. When a single company has numerous projects under its management that ought to be completed within the budgeted amount and within the allocated time, the challenge of project management becomes more hectic and company-wide. Also, some decisions might break the chain of command or order of seniority, which would require a proper platform that allows easy access to higher authorities. Projects especially construction projects have added challenges of unique physical, financial and labor requirements all of which have to be managed and monitored until the desired product is created (Hwang, Ng, 2013). Typically, projects require five simple processes, yet none has ever been completed with the simplicity it requires. These processes include project initiation project planning, executing, controlling and finally closing the project. The challenge comes in the planning executing and controlling phases, sometimes resulting a loop until the desired product is created (Alotaibi, Mafimiseb, 2016). The role of project management primarily includes putting the right tools in the right hands to ensure the correct timelines and budgets are met. This helps achieve strategic decisions, proper control of ever small detail that is critical for project completion, use of resources effectively and productively, and importantly responding to the shifting projects needs of labor expertise and resources.

When all these project management needs are put under a single platform, management is only made easier. Software solutions provide platforms to manage and coordinate activities during a project, which include information management, monitoring and editing project requirements in real time (Niazi, et al, 2016). Yet different software platforms have different functionalities to suit different business projects. Primavera has been in existence for business management for more than 3 decades assisting in project management, risk analysis, collaboration and resource management. Its subsequent upgrade and inclusion of different capabilities has improved its ability to adopt to business changes and the shift in business environments. Nonetheless, Primavera has grown to become a versatile software that can support project management of venture capital as well as plant management in mining and building industry. This study aims at highlighting the software requirements for plant management, rank the requirements as high, low and medium. Conclusions about the main requirements of the software are also provided.


  1. Materials requesting


This is a key requirement as plant project management requires constant availability of materials to complete a project. Plant management expects minimal late deliveries lest the project runs past the allocated time, hence adding to the total cost of the project. Material requesting is also critical in helping the project manager avoid wastages, assess likelihood of wastages and having proper measures of the materials to be used. It is also imperative that the software allows for measuring of needed materials to avoid increased costs in the supply and delivery of the materials all of which fall on the project manager.


  1. Delivery and conveyance


Delivery and conveyance of materials is another critical aspect that the software has to offer, in that late conveyance has been known to cause planning issues such as finding room for materials delivered at site of work. The software should allow flexibility in delivery of materials but only allow short lead time to service fast moving organization. The delivery time of materials should coincide with project progress, without compromising on quality of materials, as well as allow free movement of already ordered materials within the work site. This requirement is key especially due to the challenges in maintaining an efficient supply chain of material delivery


  • Payment


This is a key requirement as the software functionality will enable access to payment date to providers without constrains by amount assessors, inaccurate assessment of materials on location, unit paces of different items not conferred by the providers among other challenges.  The primary purpose behind the payment capability is also to allow sharing of materials data across different utilitarian offices. Ability for progress notification to be viewed by the relevant finance department will allow for time saving in movement and transferring reports from one department to the other. The relevant demand and supply department could also monitor levels of materials and begin the process of demanding for more or halting demand as necessary.


  1. Realtime project management


An important aspect of the project management software is to allow for monitoring of labor, materials and new designs and other factors of work in the Realtime. The advantage is decisions can be made easily and quickly, to avoid additional costs in time and price when decisions are delayed. The software should be dynamic enough to allow notify all necessary officials and personnel about the changes being suggested and hence allow each to communicate and come up with the correct and favorable decision. Realtime project management is essential in that it allows for monitoring of all resources, identification of needs and modification of the project to meet the client’s changing needs. Realtime monitoring is hence a key inclusion


  1. Ability to author and edit project methodologies


Yet in projects as mentioned earlier, client preferences or differing environments can demand editing or adjusting the project the suit the new developments. In such situations, many correlated factors could be affected, which include permission from the relevant officers to make changes, passing the draft changes to the officials for approval, and importantly a software capability that allows the project to be edited or adjusting. It is imperative that Primavera software provide these abilities seeing that plant management is a meticulous process.

  1. Ability for executive use in portfolio management

Executives could also be involved in the day-to-day activities of the company and specifically when big projects are at stake. Primavera should be able to provide this capability to the executives, especially in large projects or projects that involve working with the government. Essentially, Primavera should show which projects would materialize to within profitability and which ones have high risks, hence allow for management of profits.


  • Data integration capabilities

The essence of data integration capabilities is to allow access to developed and stored procedures that gives a process follow up of the business logic, from authorized personnel. Data integration should also allow flow of information from external sources seamlessly as well as allow security of information in the database.


  • Workflow modelling

As the work continues, the software should create a model of how the work is progressing in the normal circumstances and also highlight unusual instances, and record them. This will help when reviewing the work and highlighting areas that might need improvement in the future

  1. Multiple projects management

Finally, this requirement for the entire company that would enable dashboard systems that monitor the progress of the projects and allow interactions between different users and personnel in the project.

Requirements ranking

This subsection ranks the needs of the company according to high need, medium need and low need. The ranking is subjective, based on the company size, type or projects and the types relative needs of each project.

Need Description
High                     i.                        Realtime project management

ii.                        Ability for executive use in portfolio management

iii.                        Materials requesting

iv.                        Ability to author and edit project methodologies


Medium                     i.                        Data integration capabilities

ii.                        Delivery and conveyance

iii.                        Payment


Low                     i.                        Multiple projects management

ii.                        Workflow modelling

iii.                        Delivery and conveyance






Project management is a challenging task especially when the projects present unique problems that have not been encountered before. Managers need constant information to aid in decision making in project management almost in a constant flow hence the need for Realtime monitoring of the project. Depending on the size of the company, the ability to manage several projects at the same time only becomes secondary as some companies hold at most a single project in any given time. However, the ability to monitor and alter ongoing activities ought to be given high priority, as well as coordinating supply of materials as these determine the progress of the project. Executives should also be given a chance to decide which projects are profitable and which ones risk running the company into losses, in real time through comparison of various variables in the projects. Primavera appears to provide all these possibilities and should thus be considered, seeing that it also allows for editing and authoring new projects as other projects run (Mahure, Ranit, 2018).


















Alotaibi, A. B., & Mafimisebi, O. P. (2016). Project management practice: redefining theoretical challenges in the 21st century. Project Management, 7(1), 93-99.

Hwang, B. G., & Ng, W. J. (2013). Project management knowledge and skills for green construction: Overcoming challenges. International journal of project management, 31(2), 272-284.

Mahure, A., & Ranit, A. (2018). Project Management using Primavera P6. Int. J. Eng. Res. Technol., 241-244.

Niazi, M., Mahmood, S., Alshayeb, M., Riaz, M. R., Faisal, K., Cerpa, N., … & Richardson, I. (2016). Challenges of project management in global software development: A client-vendor analysis. Information and Software Technology, 80, 1-19.


Enterprise management system using primavera approach in construction Industry


Student’s name: Sai Divya Kolakaluri


College Affiliation: Ottawa University


















Table of Content


Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………….. 3


Objectives of the project ……………………………………………………………….… 4


Expected results ………………………………………………………………………..…. 5


Issues related to materials the executives …………………………………………………5


Conclusion ………………………………………………………………………….……..7


References ……………………………………………………………………………….. 8











Enterprise management system using primavera approach in construction Industry

Background and justification

In an undeniably requesting and evolving market, to conquer and keep an administration situating speaks to a test just at the compass of organizations that can follow the business world’s characteristic development and receive advancement as their flag. The real intensity designs, connected to the consistent requirement for high budgetary exhibitions, force new plans of action dependent on cutting edge innovations that will permit prevalent degrees of profitability. It isn’t sufficient for the operational and conditional cycles of business exercises to work accurately. Proactive choice help components will empower the business to be extended a long way past its actual fringes. An item with an elevated level of extensibility and an incredible ampleness limit sets any organization’s removal of all the systems that permit its acclimation to any business. It is needed to associate Primavera(R) venture the board and SAP(R) arrangements.

The subsequent joining will furnish these clients with a practical method to supplement SAP’s qualities with the best-of-breed venture the board from Primavera. With ERP coordination to Primavera, organizations will tie venture functions to supporting business measures, for example, acquisition, materials the executives, and administration demands, to improve associations with clients and accomplish the quickest an ideal opportunity to advertise. For instance, when key venture achievements are finished, the ERP programming can trigger buy arranges in ERP for coordinated materials the board. Organizations proactively overseeing costs, assets, and timetables don’t have to collaborate with their task the board and ERP frameworks effectively.


As organizations characterize a more significant amount of their work as tasks, they perceive the venture data’s fundamental worth. Coordinating the executives with different business measures encourages them to react rapidly and unequivocally to economic situations, new chances, and client desires. Combining both primavera and ERP organizations will produce a total image of their venture portfolio and asset necessities, regardless of whether that data begins in the executives’ or ERP bundles’ venture. Primavera items are the executives’ task for arranging and precise control of brief span, extreme focus plant closures in development, oil, synthetics, and utilities. The coordination will empower these enterprises to reduce vacation and closure costs by synchronizing venture status into their business measures. It associates arranging and planning subtleties, progress, execution data, and asset prerequisites from Primavera with the acquisition, cost control, monetary announcing, bookkeeping, and ERP installment preparation. The bi-directional trades of task data mean organizations can be sure that overall ventures and the endeavor follow characterized measures.

Objectives of the Project 

1) To consider – ERP (SAP-efficient application item)), different execution stages, advantages of utilizing ERP in the development business, issues related to material administration in the development business, material administration modules of ERP.

2) To examine PRIMAVERA, different highlights of PRIMAVERA, advantages of utilizing PRIMAVERA.

3) Identify advantages of utilizing the mix of ERP (SAP) and PRIMAVERA for venture the executives.



Expected results

Many shortcomings exist in the essential paper-based cycle sent dominatingly in the development business and unified computerized data the board. It is utilized to help venture the executives and appropriation of undertaking data and advance co-activity in the structure cycle. Integration requirement – Many associations use Primavera venture the board programming for planning purposes and ERP for cost the executives and material administration. These make a critical need to coordinate the information between these two frameworks, so the venture remains synchronized. The plans should be coordinated to synchronize experience related information between the organizations and wipe out the absurd and tedious information passage required keeping the two frameworks predictable. Basic ERP data, for example, asset and material accessibility, should be given to extending chiefs working in Primavera to improve their viability during venture arranging, booking, and execution exercises. Booking, assets, material administration, and time data need to stream between the two frameworks to guarantee that the task can be finished as arranged.

Issues related to materials the executives

Since the board framework depicted before includes a few organization offices, coordination and correspondence become essential to the entire work process’ perfection. Shockingly, all task directors concur that such coordination is hard to accomplish, and miscommunications regularly happen. Compounded by the engineers’ variety orders and the providers’ technical inadequacies, issues and slip-ups are typically found simultaneously. As per the venture directors, average matters in the materials the board measures are summed up underneath.

(1) Materials requesting – Abortive materials came about because of late notice of varieties, Poor assessment of wastage level, Difficulty in following the exceptional measure of material

(2) Delivery and conveyance – Premature conveyance causes harm to materials. Late conveyance brings about advancement delay. Insufficient extra room for materials conveyed to the site. Short conveyance lead time permitted, Delivery timing and amount don’t coordinate with progress. Poor control of reserve brings about harmed, poor power of materials, Lack of fitting materials taking care of the hardware.

(3) Payment – Payment date to providers not constrained by amount assessors, Inaccurate assessment of materials on location, Unit paces of various things not concurred with providers The primary purpose behind the more significant part of the issues cited by the task directors is the Lack of mix and sharing of materials data across different utilitarian offices. For instance, if progress survey and revealing can be incorporated into the materials requesting framework, the possibility of improper conveyance time can be dodged. Additionally, surplus materials can be diminished if constant store compromise against work accomplished and exceptional work.

Some venture supervisors remarked that money-related misfortune from harms, surplus materials, and so forth is practically unavoidable despite closely observing the task (under the current framework). In this manner, compensation is made to estimate work things during the delicate stage to cover the likely misfortune. If the materials the executives’ framework can keep the harms and wastage of materials to the base, investment funds can be moved to the engineers.






In the instance of ERP, it is considered a solitary bound together information base that helps get information from any division. Utilizing the material administration module of ERP, the issue identified with material administration on location can be handled. In PRIMAVERA, it is contemplated that its highlights help for doing asset leveling, planning, and even reports can be produced. So, when the above work is coordinated, there is a progression of information, which will expand proficiency and financially savvy venture the executives.


















Bhzad Sidawi and Sanad Al Omairi, “An exploration of the potential use of a web-based project management system to manage construction projects by royal commission of Jubail” – Emirates journal for Engineering research- Issue 2, Vol.15, Dec 2010 2)

Kristiina Sulankivi, “Benefits of centralized digital information management in multipartner projects”,ITcon vol.9,2004, pp 55-58 3)

Pollaphat Nitithamyong and Miroslaw J. Skibniewski, “Key success/ Faulire factors and their impacts on system performance of webbased project management system in construction”,

ITcon vol.12, 2007, pp .39-4 4) Alan hore “Use of IT in managing information and data on construction projects- perspective for the Irish construction industry”,(Information technology in construction project management)

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